Jemma’s from Bristol, but is currently based in Cardiff. Despite the rain she is still showing her 1980s style in good measure. With black french beret, detailed belt, and super cut 1980 jacket, she’s doing the retro look – and still riding. Advertisements

Arman and Nick

Nick and Arman have great unicycle style. Breaking away from the normal two wheels, these guys look modern, casual and cool – something we might not associate with unicyclists. Clearly there’s something going on in the unicycle world, and these guys are bringing it to the Roath streets in style.

Personalising your bicycle

There are many different reasons to personalise your bike – to make it look a bit nicer, to make it match your personal style, to hide the rust, to make it less attractive to thieves. Whatever the case, the sky’s the limit and only you can make it your own. Copenhagen Cycle Chic has a…

Boots and puddles

Even in this morning’s heavy rain there are people staying out of their cars and showing that a bike is still a great way to beat the queues. Take this woman, riding on Newport Road with knee high boots, autumnal tartan patterned skirt and bright red jacket. Riding her Pashley bike, perfectly suited to riding…


Ben is a classic hipster with loads of cycle chic. From quiffed hair to skinny jeans, he’s got the complete look that’s perfect on or off the bike. Ben’s from Malaysia, and he’s riding his Dad’s old steel, heart lugged, racing frame that he had shipped over to the UK. Although now re-sprayed and covered…


Cycle Chic was lucky enough yesterday to meet Anna. She’s really into textiles and dress making and rides a Pashley Governor – the epitome of all that is Cycle Chic. Her dress, which I think she said she made herself, is a perfect cut for bike riding. Anna also mentioned Morgan Clothes in the Morgan…

Friday’s photographs

Here’s the last photographs from that dreamy day. We’re already thinking about another event – so watch this space…In the meantime we hope you enjoy Cardiff Cycle Chic moving into the 21st Century for a while.

Thursday’s photographs

Penultimate instalment of photographs from the Harris Hack. Wish we could do it again this weekend.

Wednesday’s photographs

We’ve had over 1000 hits on photographs so far this week. We’re not surprised here at Cardiff Cycle Chic – you were all so stylish…

Monday’s portraits

So many photographs, so little time. I’m getting through them, and here’s six…