Makeover time

OK. Bit of a first. A Cycle Chic makeover!

Take this guy. He’s riding a custom steel British Bob Jackson fixed wheel bicycle, riding around town and enjoying the sunshine. Nothing wrong with that. But the clothes…What would Cycle Chic suggest?

Clearly this guy likes wearing proper bike shoes, so let’s give him a new pair of more sartorially suitable Quoc Pham shoes, made by the London/ Taiwanese maker that’s starting to sell globally – and each pair is numbered for that extra personal touch.

Then there’s the leather driving gloves. Made in Somerset, UK, and available to buy on ebay for less the £15. Jeans are Levi’s new bicycle specific 511 jeans, with water repellant coating on the denim and bike lock hanger on the rear waist band.

For Autumn warmth, how about a light knitted sweater from Oliver Spencer, a rapidly emerging designer from London. And if it’s a bit colder? Then how about a jacket from one of the winners of this year’s British Fashion Awards, London’s Christopher Raeburn. And for a really chilly day, there’s an Agnes b scarf. Warm!

OK, this makeover isn’t completely free of bicycle specific clothing, so breaks a few Cycle Chic rules, but for this guy, it’s a transitional outfit into a new world of style on his bicycle.

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