Bill Cunningham premier review and pictures…

Cycle chic loves film premiers! It’s now official. What an evening of delightful people, wine and an amazing film!

The evening started very well with Cycle Chic’s chance meeting with Chris Moore, the 78 year old legendary fashion photographer, and friend of Bill. Unbeknown to Cycle Chic, Chris was the guest speaker for the after film questions and discussion and he was certainly centre stage. He’s amazing – at the main fashion shows in Paris, NYC, etc. even though there’s a scrum of fashion photographers vying for that all important shot, there’s always a place reserved for Chris, at the front and in the centre of the mass. Now that’s respect!

It wasn’t long before the drinks were flowing and with every passing minute more and more stylish and fashionable people arrived, including T4’s Jameela Jamil and Skins star Dakota Blue Richards, alongside presenter Zara Martin and Fresh Meat’s Zawe Ashton. Also showing up were Laura Whitmore, designer Henry Holland and Brix Smith-Start. Their entrance was made all the more obvious by the phrenetic shouting and wall of camera flashes that came from the bank of paparazzi. But what about the film…

Well the film was even better than Cycle Chic had imagined – and that’s on top of high expectations. Lovable, endearing and fascinating, Bill’s story is a wonderful antidote to modern life – the modern and fashionable life that he captures relentlessly on film every day and night in the Big Apple. Together with a fine array of other characters, Bill’s personality is revealed but without over intrusion into this very private man’s life. That’s a fine balance to get right. The film is very respectful but remains very entertaining – so different to many of the ‘shock’ films that we see today. In it’s 88 minutes or so, this film is a tiny masterpiece, and in places it will make you laugh out loud and smile a big smile – a film that any fan of photography, fashion, or even bicycles, will appreciate. But to limit this film to those audiences would be a real shame – this is a film that everyone should see. In the end it’s all about respect, beauty and love. And there’s nothing wrong with any of that!

Five stars Bill! Five stars!

Thanks to Grazia magazine for the invitation.


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