Pol runs Cardiff Cycle Tours, based in Cardiff Bay. He has a fleet of cool bikes and is planning a St. Davids Day group ride as part of the tenth National St David’s Day Parade in Cardiff, to be held on Thursday March 1st. This event has grown from a few hundred at the first event to attract thousands of participants, spectators and with some international media interest. Pol’s specifically looking for volunteers who would like to ride in the Parade in Cardiff on his 10 or so bikes, or accompany the group on your own bike. The ride, which alas Cycle Chic cannot attend, will start at The Coal Exchange (where the bikes are stored) at around 11:00am, to join the Parade at 12:00 noon, finishing around 14:00pm. “It will be fun” says Pol. If you want to be involved, text or call Pol on 07500 564389, or drop him an email at info@cardiffcycletours.com.

Cycle Chic also ran into Pol, who’s from Belgium, whilst he was taking a well earned cigar break in town, and sporting one of his many bikes. Bit of a dude…


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