Global Cycle Chic Republic Blog: ‘Business men’

Here’s our second global Cycle Chic Republic blog post. This month’s theme is ‘business men’. Contributions from countries including: Copenhagen, Denmark Dublin Vancouver Cardiff, Great Britain Belgium Budapest, Hungary Vienna, Austria Barcelona, Spain Paris, France Foto by Barcelona CC Toronto, Canada Caracas, Venezuela Amsterdam, The Netherlands Graz Sydney, Australia Lisbon, Portugal Gdansk, Poland Strasbourg, France…


Lee is manager of the trainer (sneaker) shop ‘Size?’ in the city. Cycle chic took this as he waited for the shutters of the shop to open – and what a cool guy. Dressed in classic parka, skinny jeans and slick hair, Lee’s got great street style. What a dude!


Lowri was taking in the rays yesterday in the Bay. With temperatures warmer than Barcelona, what better way to enjoy the weather than on a beautiful old bicycle. Bliss!


Beatrice was out Saturday shopping when Cycle Chic met up with her. Dressed in a bright red polka dot dress and denim jacket, she’s dressed for a warm spring day – and aren’t we glad. Summer’s on the way…


Tinoch’s the archetypal fixie rider. Wearing a steeply placed baseball hat, canvas rucsac, rolled up jeans and American-style heavy leather boots, he’s certainly not taking any compromises in what he wears to ride his plum-fruit coloured, fixed wheel, bicycle. Standing in front of a wall with graffiti saying “CARS KILL”, he’s not letting that get…

Cardiff Cycle Chic featured in Western Mail

Thanks to fashion and lifestyle editor Claire Rees, Cardiff Cycle Chic is featuring in today’s Western Mail newspaper and online. The Western Mail is Wales’ national newspaper and we have a large spread in the Life & Style section, including a feature image of Amelia, one of Cardiff’s most cycle chic people. Happy days!


Nikita is so distinctive  in her purple, fur trimmed coat with neat, suitcase-like, satchel. With a white Raleigh and french stripe skirt, she would fit in perfectly on the quiet streets of Paris, still peddling her bicycle to the nearest cafe. What style!

Punk cycling

Cycle chic is all about self expression and this punk biker is a fantastic expression of individuality. We love this portrait.


Kim’s wearing a marvellous array of warm red shades and a cute leopard hat to keep out the cold wind. With rich claret coloured skinny trousers and DMs, and long felt-like coat, she’s got a great look to go with her lovely Pashley bicycle.


Over and above all the BMX’ers that Cycle Chic notices in the city, Lewis stuck out for his amazing use of bright, yet simple, colours. Matching lime green and scarlet red is brave, given the ubiquitous blacks, greys and blues typically worn by his contemporaries. With a hat set at a jaunty angle and arms…


This wasn’t the first time that Ria had been photographed on her bicycle. And we can see why. Her happy and colourful style and bright pearly, green-blue coloured bicycle are so eye catching; and her short length duffle jacket with roped fasteners is wonderful. We wish we could all look this alive on the way…


Lucy’s look is perfect for a cold dry day riding in the city. With a traditionally patterned Scandinavian-style jumper that’s graphic and striking, scarf and beanie (worn at a perfectly placed and jaunty  angle) Lucy’s got great cycle style. But she was particularly proud of her bicycle, painted in a marvelous array of colours – a…