This isn’t the first time Beatrice has featured on Cardiff Cycle Chic. Stylish back in November when we first met her, Beatrice is still stylish now, and still riding her wonderful Dutch bicycle! Advertisements


Kris has a fabulous European-style chic as she rides her Peugeot bicycle around the city. Wearing a wonderful wide brimmed sun hat and pastel-shaded jacket and jeans, she’s a fantastic example of how chic cycling can really be. Perfect!


Remember late March? Seems like things have gone downhill on the weather front since then. Well here’s a reminder: Tom enjoying the warm weather beach style…


Katie had just arrived in the city for a Saturday night out. Wearing her best red shoes, she was enjoying the calm of the late afternoon sun before a night of partying. Smiles all round!


Helene’s the epitome of cycle chic, wearing a sumptuous faux fur jacket with an airy, beautiful yellow dress beneath. With lock over one shoulder and a bicycle ready to carry the load in her big wicker basket, we love her style! Five stars!

Catwalk or streetwalk?

Carlo looks very much the dashing model as he strides down the street like he’s on a catwalk. Dressed in camel-coloured mac and billowing scarf he’s got a casual yet sartorial look that’s perfect for riding his bicycle at the weekend. Super!

Fred and Helen

Fred and Helen were in town for a spot of Saturday retail therapy – and what better way to get there than on a beautiful bicycle, or two. We are usually lucky to spot one chic cyclist – so meeting Fred and Helen was a real treat!

Party time

Here’s a celebratory photograph if ever there was one. Rania looks so happy surrounded by all her balloons as she tries to bicycle home with them for a party. You could almost imagine her taking off and flying home, pedals spinning and waving at everyone below as she sails home. If only!

The destination…Tea and cake time, or a healthy alternative?

At the end of the Spokes in Spring ride we were met by the wonderful scene of a village fete in the middle of the city, with art, crafts, vintage clothing stalls and cake making competitions. Perfect! With free cakes and tea for the riders, served in vintage cups and saucers, it was a lovely…

The Ride

Wow! So many people saw the photographs from our little event yesterday – literally thousands and thousands. Hope you enjoyed them! Here’s the photographs from the actual ride…ahh, the sunshine. Destination images tomorrow…

Spokes in Spring ride – What a day!

Thanks to Pedal Cafe and everyone who turned up for today’s ‘Spokes in Spring’ retro-clothing bicycle ride. We had a really great afternoon, and after taking this photograph, we picked up a good few other people along the way, so in the end we were like a very long, very chic and stylish peleton that…