Like a pirate with a bicycle, Berty’s got a look that reminds us a little of Marco Pantani, the great Italian cycle racer. And Berty’s fast too – it took a lot of effort for Cycle Chic to catch him as he sped through town. “Tutta velocit√†!” we say. Advertisements

Cycling = Happiness

Sometimes it’s not the clothes that people wear, it’s their smile that’s so fantastic. Cycling = happiness and vitality, and this photograph says it all…


Remember last winter when the evening ride home from work was in the pitch dark? Now summer’s here it seems like a distant memory. Well, back then Cycle Chic met Sue – then managed to lose her photograph until today. So here’s to summer sun and distance from those dark nights. And here’s to those…


Laura’s no stranger to Cycle Chic, having been on a few Harris Hack vintage tweed bicycle rides. Equally as stylish here, Laura’s wearing a great mix of layers and one of our favourite accessories for cycling – a long wrap around scarf. Summer and winter alike, a wrap around scarf is great for protecting against…


Megan is dressed in a beautiful military-inspired double breasted jacket with brown piping, black leggings and matching UGG-style boots with a little bit of sparkle. With big shades and a couple of rollers still in her hair, she’s got a great old time look. Think 1940s. Wonderful!

Retro ride

Wearing a Duffer of St George ‘track suit’ (we feel SO out of date even saying the words ‘track suit’!), this guy’s contributing a well needed flash of blue on the grey and rainy streets, with his purple cruiser bicycle, white Nike trainers and a bright blue clothes. And just look at that chrome!

Punk bikes ride!

The wonderful, marvellous, cool Punk Bikes out in Cardiff testing their handmade long bikes. It’s difficult to be this good unless it’s natural…Respect!

Rain rain go away, come again another day…

It’s getting more and more difficult to ‘keep up the chic’ with the weeks and weeks of rain we’re getting in the UK at the moment. Will someone please send us the sun, or we’ll all be riding like this soon!


Jane’s a wonderful flash of colour against the city’s walls of greys and browns. But it was Jane’s fantastic sunglasses that totally set her apart. So individual. So magic!