Last century Cycle Chic, with the help of some good friends, made a home spun bicycle film in Cardiff. Based on the idea that cyclists inhabit different parts of the city, like little separate habitats, this film charts a single journey of a bicycle courier from the Bay northwards, as he crosses through some of these habitats. Featuring street, subway, velodrome and woodland, this old, grainy film with poor sound (sorry!) was originally shown in much greater glory at the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Zurich, in 1999, as part of an international bicycle film festival. The music was made specifically for the film, courtesy of Derrero.

Following the Zurich showing, we had our own bicycle film festival in Clwb Ifor Bach. We absolutely filled the place – it was a night not to forget. But the most memorable experience was taking a car onto Maindy velodrome and nervously driving around the banked track with a camera crew hanging out the hatch-back and a stream of cyclists riding behind at speed, following the car with no brakes. Amazing…

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