Rolling Citizen #2: Designer Jodie Morgan

In part #2 of our feature on young fashion designers, here’s a bicycle specific cape from designer Jodie Morgan, developed as part of Rolling Citizen, an innovative collection of cycle-wear jackets, coats, capes and shirt created by the second year Fashion Design Students of the University of South Wales, Atrium in collaboration with Wales designer Angela Gidden, Fi Campbell and their Nomad & Nest brand.

Designer Jodie Morgan

This is a multifunctional cape inspired by 1950’s beatnik style. This cape’s main function is its opening side panels that can be unzipped to create sleeves. The two front zips can be unzipped to simply expose the arms for easy access to the handlebars. The cape also has two concealed pocket bags with easy access to the cyclist’s possessions. The cape is made from dark navy waxed cotton. The outside of the cape also includes twisted fabric panels, as a design feature, and to add a pop of colour a citrus lining.

Designer Jodie Morgan Designer Jodie Morgan

Images: © Cardiff Cycle Chic

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