Rolling Citizen #4: Designer Georgie Morgan

In part #4 of our feature on young fashion designers, we’d like to introduce to you another super talented designer involved in the Rolling Citizen collaboration. Today’s garment has a little more of that ‘outdoor adventurer’ feel than the previous three garments we’ve featured, and is perfect for the mountain biking community, whether cruising on the bike or wrapping up after a hard day’s single track riding in the mountains. Either way, it’s  amazing.

Designer Georgie Morgan

This is a mens cycle weather-proof hooded jacket. Completely waterproof and made from breathable microfibres, this jacket has a detachable hood with transparent side panels for increased peripheral vision while cycling (Editor: We think this is a very neat idea that still lets you see sideways with the hood up. Genius!). It has a quilted central panel with a shock absorbent layer for added protection and underarm vents for added breathability. Quilted padded popper pockets provide added protection to valuables, and there are hidden zip pockets for additional belongings. And last but not least, there are velcro and elasticated wrists that can be tightened when the weather’s bad.

Designer Georgie Morgan Designer Georgie Morgan


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