Mary Bijou Cabaret: Part 1

Oh what fun we’ve had! A little while ago the Mary Bijou Cabaret contacted us with a challenge. From 31 July – 3 August 2013, the Mary Bijou Cabaret will be performing their new show called ‘Hitch’ at the Blysh Festival at the Welsh Millennium Centre, in Cardiff.

‘Hitch’, as you might have guessed, is a show based on the films of Alfred Hitchcock. As the cabaret says “Taking inspiration from his movies, Hitch will take you on a journey into the extraordinary mind of Alfred Hitchcock. As you enter a dark world of suspense and intrigue, the performers draw you into the shadows as they balance on a knife edge”. You can find more details of the show and tickets ☞ here . Go and see them –  we are going, and it will be incredible…

OK, so what was the challenge? Well the entire cabaret use and love bicycles in their daily lives and wanted to see if we could recreate some Hitchcock inspired images, but with bicycles. A tricky challenge you might think, but with the help of Jonathan James, pro-photographer, and Cardiff Cycle Chic acting as art director, we think we have more than met the challenge. Amazing!

Mary Bijou Cabaret
The evil rider intent on revenge gets close to running down his beautiful prey…
Mary Bijou Cabaret
Little did she know who was lurking behind…

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