Rolling Citizen #5: Designer Jordan Loveless

In part #5 of our feature on young fashion designers, we’d like to introduce to you another super talented designer involved in the Rolling Citizen collaboration. Today’s garments are perfect for those guys that commute to work on a bicycle. Yes, its a jacket and bicycle-specific shirt. And why, you may think is a bicycle-specific shirt useful? Well, we can speak from experience. Take, for example, a ride across London to an important meeting. Without a bicycle-specific shirt you will probably end up with your regular shirt completely ‘untucked’ from your trousers, whilst you feel completely strangled and overheated by tight cuffs, collar and shoulders. It’s horrible! So Jordan’s shirt design is SO good because it solves all these problems. Amazing! Here’s the details below:

Designer Jordan Loveless

The shirt is made from a light waterproof cotton (Editor: good if you are caught in a shower with no jacket), with a traditional front breast pocket, one placed on the back right hand side and also a small welt pocket in the left hand sleeve for keys or small change. The shirt has a zip fastening at the front, instead of buttons or poppers, making it easier to control your temperature whilst riding, just like a road racing jersey. To keep a traditional look, however, the front zip is hidden behind a front flap. Extra panels around the back and shoulders create easy movement, and reinforced elbows and a longer back to the shirt help when leaning forwards over the bike.

The jacket completely waterproof and made from breathable microfibres, and includes two front pockets and one large long pocket at the back. Zips are used throughout for fastening and a headphone holder is integrated into the garment for that all important music on the go. The jacket is finished off with a quilted hood.

Designer: Jordan Loveless

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