Rolling Citizen #6: Designer Kifah Said

In part #6 of our feature on young fashion designers, we’d like to introduce to you another talented designer involved in the Rolling Citizen collaboration between Nomad and Nest and the University of South Wales fashion students in Cardiff. Today’s garment, like Rolling Citizen #5, is again aimed at guys who commute to work on a bicycle. It’s a suit jacket and shorts. OK, shorts as part of a suit might seem a little unconventional, but there are plenty of creative guys out there that could easily wear a jacket and shorts to a meeting in the summer. And for them, this is ideal.

Designer Kifah Said

This suit is called the “Origami Cycling Suit”, and comprises a tailored jacket and shorts that has the functionality and flexibility at its core. What’s amazing and so special about the jacket is the use of origami pleats to provide a more dynamic garment, important when cycling. These innovative pleats are used in the centre back of the jacket to eliminate any pulling whilst cycling, and the pockets (exterior and interior) to provide extra room when needed. The suit also uses classic suit fabric to maintain a traditional and classic feel to the garment. Fantastic!

Designer: Kifah SaidImage: Copyright Kifah Said

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