#1 Delivery! Deliveroo

We’re seeing more and more bicycle deliveries on the streets of Cardiff, so over the coming months we’re going to try and capture the people that take the things we need from place to place under pedal power.

Take John, Ewan and Ryan waiting for their next job to take hot food to anxiously hungry customers within a few miles of the centre of the city. With a fancy iPhone-based control system, they get their jobs electronically, and their phone shows them the way to their destination. Some carry their loads in oversized rectangular back packs, others opt for a box that’s attached to their bike. Alas, the ever more prevalent Deliveroo company hasn’t exactly been operating without controversy, over a number of labour issues. These guys seem pretty upbeat, however, happy to earn some money on the side whilst riding their bikes in the evenings, but who knows? Maybe conditions are a little better in Cardiff?