Here’s Joe, cool and cruising through town on his Schwinn Sting-Ray, a modern reincarnation of the original US, and massively successful, bicycle from 1963. Have a look here at the original.

That original US-made Schwinn  is pivotal in bicycle history, not just because the idea jumped from the US to the UK to give rise to the Raleigh Chopper in the 1970s, but also because the original String-Rays had 20-inch wheels, laying the foundation for the later development of the BMX, which still have 20-inch wheels even today.  Well most of them do.

Anyway, I don’t expect bicycle history was at the front of Joe’s mind. Instead, with a  certain understated swagger, Joe chatted to a friend on his phone in low murmurs as we clicked away to get this picture. And with a bottle of something strong in his pocket, I think Joe’s evening will be well taken care of…