Stanley is the man behind Cardiff Hot Dogs, the tricycle-based purveyor of that New York inspired street food known the world over – the hot dog. Self-funded, Stanley’s tricycle spans the world, as he explained “The tricycle is sourced from China, but the hot dog stand is genuine – it’s all the way from the US of A”. So with that sort of equipment, you can be sure Stanley’s hot dogs are cooked in that authentic New York way, with the onions vigorously frying on the integrated hot plate and the sausages sizzling and ready to be doused with ketchup and hugged by a bun.

So next time you see Stanley,  maybe buy a hot dog from him. You’ll be supporting him and, in a way, all our street food entrepreneurs that bring colour, vitality and creativity to our cities, and sometimes like Stanley, a green transport alternative to the van.